Doors can be made of different materials. Find out what this means for you and your home.
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Materials Matter: Types of Doors

Your front door is more than just a covering for the entrance to your home. It provides a sense of security as well as beauty, and it can show the personality of the home and its owners. Doors can be constructed of several kinds of materials. Most doors are typically made from wood. Fiberglass and steel offer certain attributes that wood does not. The type of door you choose can make a big difference in how it performs for your particular needs.

  • Wood is the traditional material used for both exterior and interior doors because of the classic, natural beauty that it exudes. Depending on the species of tree as the source, almost any color and grain can be represented in French doors, patio doors and interior doors. The luxurious look of wood is hard to beat, but this material can be a bit unstable when exposed to the elements. Bowing and twisting can ruin a door, and depending upon the type of exposure and level of sunlight a wooden door receives, frequent maintenance can be required. Fiberglass and steel doors both insulate a home more efficiently than a wood door.
  • Fiberglass can be made to look like real wood. Typically utilized as an exterior door, it can withstand harsh elements and is a better insulator than a wooden door. This maintenance-free product is filled with a foam core and will not rot, twist or swell when exposed to weather.
  • Steel is often used to build entry doors. While it is prone to dents if subjected to abuse, it’s a great insulator and very durable. Unlike wood, steel won’t rot or distort if it’s exposed to harsh elements. It can rust, however, if the paint is scratched and goes unrepaired. More likely than not, a steel door will be more economical than a wood door and is more environmentally friendly, since it is recyclable and doesn’t require cutting down any trees. Even when used in a double-door configuration such as a set of French doors, steel can be lighter than wood.
  • MDF, or Medium Density Fiberboard, is typically used for interior doors. It’s an economic choice and is made from wood fibers and glue. This makes it easy to form in a mold. It can look like real wood, but isn’t known for distorting like wood can. This is a great choice if you plan to paint the door.

When you consider new French doors, patio doors, interior or entry doors, don’t forget that you have many choices when it comes to materials. Doing so will help you determine the best type of door for your home.

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