By familiarizing themselves with these common roofing problems, homeowners can learn when they need to hire roofing contractors to repair their houses.
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Recognizing 5 Common Roof Problems

Having a roof over your head is a standard metaphor for security and comfort, but your home’s roofing may not be as solid as it seems. By understanding the problems that most often plague roofs, you’ll be better equipped to identify issues with your roof. If you’re concerned about your roof, consult with a professional roofing contractor, such as Titan Homes & Construction, about possible solutions.

Billowing and Blow-offs

Flashing, the strips of metal placed around a roof’s joints and seams around frames, can loosen if improperly secured. In addition to leaks, loose flashing and open seams can catch in strong winds, causing the underlying surface of the roofing to billow or buckle, or the roof may even blow off entirely in gale-force storms.

Blistering and Splitting

Most commonly seen on built-up rooftops, the substrate of a roof may bubble up into blisters or ridges over time. Small blisters are mostly unnoticeable and do not tend to cause problems, but a large blister that goes unrepaired may split open, opening the underlying roof layers to water and weather damage.

Water Ponding, Leaks and Moisture Damage

Leaks, due to loose flashing, holes in the rooftop or other issues, are often the first symptom of roofing problems that a homeowner notices. More than just annoying, moisture can do serious damage to a house from roof to foundation by causing rot, mold and sinkage. Some contractors may only caulk leaks, but a leaking roof often indicates a need for more comprehensive maintenance. Water ponding on low-sloping roof surfaces also can cause trouble, not only from the moisture itself, but the refraction of the sun’s UV rays through the liquid can adversely impact the asphalt on shingling and other surfaces.


Changes in temperature or improper installation can cause the shrinking of the membranes on flat and low-slope roofs. This shrinkage pulls at the flashing and can cause the membrane itself to crack or otherwise deteriorate.

Maintenance and Repair Trouble

While some of these roof problems may appear straightforward to fix, inadequate roof repairs can also lead to permanent damage. Using the wrong materials for the type of roof, such as plastic roof cement on a metal roof, can actually make problems worse, and walking on rooftops can cause punctures and other harm. Responsible homeowners should contact a trusted roofing company even for relatively small roof repairs.

Need a New Roof?

Any of these problems and more can occur with a home’s roof. By calling our professionals when you notice possible issues, you can ensure that the roof over your home will shelter you and your family for years to come.

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