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Are vinyl windows really better? Find out how to save money and beautify your home with low-maintenance, energy-saving vinyl windows.
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The Truth About Vinyl Windows

If you’ve done a little bit of research on replacing your old, leaky windows, you are likely aware that your options are numerous. Should you go with traditional wood? What about aluminum or fiberglass? Have you checked into vinyl windows? The more you surf the internet, the more conflicting reports you’ll read. When it comes to replacement windows, it all comes down to performance.

Vinyl has been a top choice for windows for approximately 25 years. The technology advances made for this product have been phenomenal. Vinyl is simply a better choice than the other materials for several reasons. It’s more cost-effective than aluminum because aluminum conducts heat and cold, bringing high temperatures in when you want it cool and letting warm air out when it’s freezing outside. Energy efficiency is what makes or breaks your utility bills, so the answer is clear when it comes to energy comparisons with aluminum.

Wood can actually meet the performance of vinyl as far as energy efficiency goes, but vinyl windows beat wood as well as aluminum when it comes to many other areas:

  • Low maintenance, as vinyl is easy to clean
  • More environmentally friendly to produce than wood windows
  • Insulates far better than wood or aluminum
  • You get the appearance and beauty of wood without having to maintain it
  • It has higher strength and durability ratings
  • More effective for noise reduction than aluminum or wood windows
  • Excellent resistance to pollutants, corrosion, the elements and termites
  • You never have to sand, stain or paint vinyl as it always looks fresh
  • If it gets scratched or chipped for any reason, the damaged part will look the same, as the material is solid throughout
  • Vinyl creates less condensation than aluminum or wood windows
  • Vinyl windows don’t fade, peel or flake like wood
  • Vinyl is tough and holds up to repeated use, year after year
  • Vinyl replacement windows are approximately 10 percent less expensive than wood
  • Consumers get a wide variety of design options and architectural choices

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If you think that vinyl windows might sound plain, you will be surprised when you find out that there are amazing textured, realistic wood grain laminate options like maple, cherry and oak available. These replacement windows are a smart choice over the long term, whether you’re going to sell your home in the future or stay in it for life.

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