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5 Projects That Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

Return on investment (ROI) isn’t a term most homeowners think about. However, when you spend your hard-earned money to improve your home, it’s important to target options that have the best ROI. Not all projects offer returns that easily justify the costs. Consider these changes proven to increase resale value.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens make big impressions on prospective homebuyers, so bringing your kitchen into the modern era pays big dividends. Address issues that make the space cumbersome to use, such as odd layouts and cramped quarters. Update appliances and fixtures to add functionality. You may also wish to implement an open-concept design to incorporate the kitchen with adjacent rooms.

Replace the Windows

Aging or low-grade windows make it harder to regulate temperatures and humidity in your home. They contribute to draftiness and the high costs of heating and cooling bills. Using your renovation dollars to add modern, energy-efficient windows increases resale value and helps you keep more money in your pocket each month. In addition, this enhancement could make you eligible for valuable tax credits.

Update Your Bathroom

Bathrooms are right up there with kitchens for good ROI. Dated or dilapidated bathrooms could turn off potential buyers, so it pays to address restrooms in your home improvement plans. Focus on making them comfortable and convenient to use for a variety of users and situations, then consider the design aesthetics.

Add a Room

Just about every home could benefit from extra rooms. A listing for a 3 bedroom with 2.5 baths is going to command much more attention than a listing for a 2 bedroom with 1.5 baths, which translates into a higher asking price. A likely option for most homeowners to add livable space is their basement, which can usually be converted relatively easily and cheaply.

Build a Deck

Adding or improving outdoor leisure space is an excellent option for adding value to a residence. When choosing between two nearly identical units, prospective buyers nearly always choose the option with useable outdoor space like a deck. If your home has existing outdoor space that is showing its age, consider making upgrades or repairs.

Make Your Projects Pay

Anything that makes your abode more livable for you is a worthwhile use of your money, but when working with limited budgets, focusing on improvements that have higher returns makes for a worthwhile investment. Start with the projects that pay you back for completing them, then watch your home’s resale value climb.

George Neudorf

George Neudorf