An overview of the main hurdles of a construction project, and why a general contractor is the best person to handle them.

Construction Issues Best Handled by a General Contractor

The DIY craze has been going strong for a long time now, but there are still things best left to the professionals. When considering managing your own construction project, it’s important to recognize the expertise required to do the job properly. Here are five headaches of commanding a building project that you’d be better off paying someone else to handle.

Dealing With Subcontractors

Subcontractors work together to build a structure. The tradespeople who put up a home’s framing would typically operate under one subcontractor, while the people putting in the windows would work under another. Each group is like a military unit operating in concert under the general contractor, who is the commanding officer overseeing the combined effort. Coordinating the activities of each group, many of which have to overlap at different stages of construction, is incredibly complex.

Code Compliance

There are countless rules and regulations governing every aspect of building or renovating a structure. Professional contractors learn these codes, which often vary by state, county, city and even local levels, and maintain current knowledge of changes. They also ensure that the proper permits are filed to allow work to proceed.

Relationship Issues

Simply put, tradespeople are likely to care more about doing good work for custom home builders who might hire them later than about producing quality construction for an individual homeowner they’ll probably never see again. Contractors can leverage the desire to maintain positive relationships in order to keep subcontractors and tradespeople doing their best.

Getting the Timing Right

Every step of a new build or renovation has to happen at a specific time in the process. If any group of subcontractors is doing their work too soon, they could interfere with the work of another group. If certain installations are delayed, they could create a ripple effect that puts the entire process behind schedule. Add the fact that inspections have to occur at certain points during construction, and you can end up with an organizational nightmare.

Quality Control

The production of each subcontractor has to be monitored to ensure each piece of the puzzle will fit where it belongs without compromising the whole. It takes someone with the expertise to competently evaluate jobs in progress to catch errors and shortcuts.

Save Your Sanity

Doing it yourself is a rewarding way to tackle small repairs around your home, but the unparalleled chaos of a major construction project is no small repair. Our professional contractors combine training and experience to tackle the big jobs so you can keep your sanity and your peace of mind.

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